Perhaps you don’t want or need to hire an entire IT department or even a single, full-time IT person to manage your technology. Through automation and right-sizing technology, we can help you outsource your needs. Or perhaps you get great value from your existing internal IT or your managed services provider (MSP) but you would like additional eyes on what is going on.

We will help guide your purchasing choices, manage changes, install updates and patch vulnerabilities, build and maintain a culture of compliance, and even help motivate everyone on your staff to work safely and more efficiently. We will do this through consulting, training, and lunch-and-learn programs.

Please request a free technology assessment, using the form below. We’ll contact you to discuss what’s working well and what you’d like to change. We’ll review your systems, your staff, and even your existing IT support to provide a report on how we can help. We often work with an existing IT department or outsourced IT provider — it’s impossible for anyone to do everything perfectly. Let me provide a well-informed second opinion.

Free Technology Assessment for Small Business