Recently, the New York Times began an ongoing editorial column called The Privacy Project. It’s a fabulous resource for learning about how privacy is changing — new definitions and new assumptions. However, (as of this writing) the New York Times website tracks information about you in a dozen different ways. While they teach you how to protect your privacy, they are pushing into your computer and tracking you. This is how things are in 2019 and probably for the foreseeable future.

New publications, such as Extreme privacy: What it takes to disappear in America, by Michael Bazzell demonstrate the lengths one must go to mostly avoid being tracked by business, the government, and people in general. It seems nearly impossible to maintain any semblance of privacy while engaging in real life. Cash registers know our favorite drinks, apps watch your travels and offer coupons when you are approaching, and there are cameras in and around most businesses.

It is possible to protect your privacy and you should take steps now to do so. Monozukuri can guide you towards better privacy without going to extremes.