The Evacuation Episode

The Evacuation Episode Hurricanes, fires, COVID-19, and online school…the world is a challenging place for most of us an horribly frightening for many. What can we do to stay safe when we’re suddenly displaced. LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE FREE ANTIVIRUS/ENDPOINT PROTECTION Sophos Home (free and trial versions) – – There are lots of options […]

Multi-factor Authentication (Cybersecurity Essentials #2)

Multi-factor Authentication (Cybersecurity Essentials #2) What if there was a way to keep people out of your accounts even if they did steal or hack your password? There is and it’s time to get it on every account you have. LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE DATA BREACHES, LEAKS, AND OTHER COMPROMISES If you haven’t looked yourself […]

Passwords (Cybersecurity Essentials #1)

Passwords (Cybersecurity Essentials #1) Our passwords are an essential ingredient to our privacy and cybersecurity protections. They’re also a pain, easy to steal, often reused (bad idea), and hard to remember. That said, I want you to forget all of your passwords except two. LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE DATA BREACHES, LEAKS, AND OTHER COMPROMISES Look […]

The 10 Cybersecurity Essentials

In this episode, we introduce the 10 cybersecurity essentials for individuals, families, and small businesses. We end this episode with an assignment, your first steps to take in setting up these essential protections and habits. The next ten podcast episodes will focus on one essential, discuss why it’s important, and provide steps for moving forward. […]

General safety and online conferencing

Humane Tech gets a new structure. Shorter and to the point. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. COVID-19 has us isolating but that doesn’t mean we can’t be in each others’ lives. In episode 2, I bring you general privacy and cyber security tips. Do these seven (7) things and you’re in pretty good shape. Then we […]

Holiday travel and purchases; Multi-factor Authentication

There’s been a lot of news recently about juice jacking and privacy concerns with smart devices. We discuss this and focus on how to protect yourself using multi-factor authentication. Smart TVs and Privacy These concerns have been around since at least 2017 but most everyone I talk to is surprised to know what’s going on. […]