Too often we work at the pleasure of technology. This is backwards. Technology should serve our needs and support our humanity.

Instead, we can use tools to translate our desires into the language that technology requires. You aren’t alone in this…we will be your guide. Here are some examples of the work we do.

  1. We communicate with clarity and understanding . We will communicate with you as a fellow, intelligent human being. Jargon and the alphabet soup of technology (IoT, DNS, MFA, APT, etc.!) get in the way of discussing what we want and need from technology. Let’s talk about what you need and find solutions. If we need to talk about into the technical details of things we will, but we’ll do so in a way that makes sense for you and us.
  2. Use a password manager. Security and compliance requirements should not need you to remember hundreds of usernames, passwords, and security questions. If you can remember just a single username and one good password, you should use a password manager and multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) to create and manage your hundreds of credentials on your behalf
  3. Use email safely. Secure your email and other internet services to protect you, your business, and your family from malicious actors using social engineering (phishing, vishing, smishing, etc.), ransomware, viruses, and more.
  4. Learn new habits. Work more efficiently and securely, keeping your private information private.

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